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Existing clients: When a friend books their first expedition and mentions your name, both you and they will become members of Pelagic House.

Pelagic House members enjoy tailored privileges on every future expedition they book.  And, the most exclusive invite-only experiences are reserved for Pelagic House members.

Qantas Platinum One and Chairman’s Lounge Members receive reciprocal Pelagic House Membership for the duration of their status tier.

There are eco-tours and then there are bespoke marine encounters.  The best way for you to experience wildlife up close is in private, in the complete safety and comfort of a BLUE expedition.

These are the steps to charter your bespoke marine encounter:

  • Look at the ocean creatures on our dedicated webpage and choose what you want to see;
  • Decide if you would like to incorporate a scientific/research component into your itinerary;
  • Consider your comfort requirements:
    • family yacht –  all of the amenities and built to comfortably suit 2-10 guests;
    • superyacht – all of the amenities, with a bit extra “legroom” to move about for up to 12 guests, offering “extras” such as an outdoor jacuzzi spa;
    • private island resort – for land lovers.
  • Decide how many adults and how may children will attend;
  • Contact Blue Expeditions;
  • The Director of Blue Expeditions will work with you to scope an itinerary to suit your tastes and budget;
  • Sign your Blue Expeditions Charter Agreement and finalise your booking;
  • Relax while Blue Expeditions creates an epic ocean adventure for you.

Blue Expeditions curates the most spectacular marine encounters imaginable.  That takes time, expertise and government permits.  We recommend you book your bespoke charter with Blue Expeditions 9-12 months in advance to ensure you do not miss out on special opportunities.  While there might be an odd charter available within a shorter timeframe than that, it is not uncommon for our expeditions to book out a solid year ahead of time.

There is no such thing.  No two BLUE expeditions are ever the same.  Depending on your desired wildlife encounter and destination, we may be able to offer a day charter, or we may design a two week holiday.

Eco-tours have set embark/disembark dates and standardised itineraries.  Your Blue Expeditions charter will embark when you are ready to start, and disembark when you are ready to be done.  The Director of Blue Expeditions will advise you on wildlife seasonality, research constraints and destination requirements.

Whilst the Blue Expeditions charter price includes the cost of curating your itinerary, chartering the yacht, the crew and the yacht’s insurance, other items, such as food and beverages, are paid separately through the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA).  This is normally estimated at an additional 20-30% of the charter rate.  All expenses are accounted for by the Captain, and any unused funds will be returned to the Charterer.